Wedding Rehearsal Dinner on a Yacht? – That Sounds Like Fun!

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner on a Yacht? – That Sounds Like Fun!

Jun 21

In January 2017, Lexus (yes, the luxury car company), revealed plans to produce a premium yacht for the worldwide market. The yacht, known as the Lexus Sports Yacht, is planned to hit United States markets in late-2019. This is the first time Lexus has dipped its toes into the water (pun intended) of maritime production. Apparently, the pre-sale model is doing well, as it recently won an award for “Boat of the Year” at the Japan International Boat Show. The Lexus Sports Yacht is the product of a lot of creative thinking and careful planning. Nothing says luxury like a Lexus yacht!

It is estimated that the Lexus Sports Yacht will be 65-feet long. Below deck, the yacht will sport an entertaining space to hold up to 15 people. The yacht is expected to have three separate decks, so it will be a great location for luxury parties and other events.

Unfortunately, I do not expect that I will be purchasing a Lexus Sports Yacht in 2019. The concept is interesting, and while I believe that this yacht release will have a huge effect on Lexus as a luxury brand, getting one of these yachts is simply not feasible for me. However, after I saw this concept, I couldn’t stop looking up yacht-related content. I thought to myself, “what would be a fun activity to do on a yacht?” During my research, I came across an article that explained the concept of hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner on a yacht. I had to read more!

As you probably know, wedding rehearsal dinners are ceremonies held the night before the wedding. The idea behind rehearsal dinners is to get the families and friends of the bride and groom together in some space to meet each other and have a good time. Rehearsal dinners allow for a lot of creativity and an individualized touch that, hopefully, the guests will remember forever.

The article I mentioned earlier started by explaining how unique and individualized an experience would be to have a wedding rehearsal dinner on a yacht. Not only would a yacht be unique, but it would also be relaxing. This sort of environment would ensure that all parties attending, from both sides of the family, are having a good, relaxing time preparing for the wedding. Also, having a wedding rehearsal dinner on a yacht means that the guests will get to enjoy some excellent views of the city!

The article opened my eyes to an experience that sounds like it would be a lot of fun. If I attended a wedding rehearsal dinner on a yacht, I know I would never forget it. If I hosted a wedding rehearsal dinner on a yacht, (still looking for that special someone), I know my guests would never forget it. Though I don’t see myself being an owner of a Lexus Sports Yacht down the road, I would love to be a part of a wedding rehearsal dinner on a yacht!