Is Your Kitchen Safe?

Is Your Kitchen Safe?

Feb 19

Although it may seem like the heart of home and health, it is still an accident-prone area. There are many things the kitchen that can lead to serious injuries or every death, so it is necessary to understand and know the ways that you can secure your safety when in and out of the kitchen. For some who wants to ensure the security of their kitchen, here are some dangers that are often overlooked even by safety-vigilant people.

Fire extinguishers – many people often take fire extinguishers lightly until there is actually a fire in your house. Although kitchen alternatives such as baking soda can put out grease fire, those that are quick to get of out control need immediate and more effective way to be extinguished. A small or portable fire extinguisher can go a long way in protecting your kitchen, and you house in general, from fires. Also, make sure that the fire extinguishers are passed inspection and that you know how to use them.

Extension and appliance cords – because the kitchen has a great number of appliances, they are often cramped in a small space and cause clutter. Although using an electric cord can make the use of appliances easier, it can lead to electric shocks or electrocution, especially when they get wet. They are also tripping hazards and a potential cause of fire. Make sure to unplug and stow away the appliance after you use them.

Water – not many people may know it, but water in the kitchen can also be dangerous. Aside from water causing electric shocks, wet hands can make it difficult to grasp glassware which can lead to cuts. On the other hand not washing your hands when cooking can lead to the spread of bacteria, causing sickness.

Older adults are more at risk of accidents in kitchen. This is among the reasons why many older adult consider assisted living or living in health care facilities. These options not only present them with assistance in their daily activities, they also ensure that the elders are kept healthy and safe from any danger. Because of health complication and declines due to getting older, certain restrictions can cause elders to put themselves in danger of accidents or health complications, so having someone help them through everyday activities without restricting their independence is a great way to for them to live out their lives to the fullest.